Cardiac Prevention and Rehabilitation “3.0”: From acute to chronic phase. Position Paper of the ltalian Association for Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation (GICR-IACPR)

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Roberto F.E. Pedretti *
Francesco Fattirolli
Raffaele Griffo
Marco Ambrosetti
Elisabetta Angelino
Silvia Brazzo
Ugo Corrà
Nicolò Dasseni
Pompilio Faggiano
Giuseppe Favretto
Oreste Febo
Marina Ferrari
Francesco Giallauria
Cesare Greco
Manuela Iannucci
Maria Teresa La Rovere
Mario Mallardo
Antonio Mazza
Massimo Piepoli
Carmine Riccio
Simonetta Scalvini
Luigi Tavazzi
Pier Luigi Temporelli
Gian Francesco Mureddu
(*) Corresponding Author:
Roberto F.E. Pedretti |


Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) is the subspecialty of clinical cardiology dedicated to the treatment of cardiac patients, early and in the long term after an acute event. The aim of CR is to improve both quality of life and prognosis through prognostic stratification, clinical stabilization and optimization of therapy (pharmacological and non), management of comorbidities, treatment of disability, as well as through the provision and reinforcement of secondary prevention interventions and maintenaince of adherence to treatment.
The mission of CR has changed over time. Once centered on the acute phase, aimed primarily at short-term survival, the healthcare of cardiac patients now increasingly involves the chronic phase where the challenge is to guarantee continuity and quality of care in the medium and long-term. The aim of the present position paper is to provide the state-of-the-art of CR in Italy, discussing its trengths and weaknesses as well as future perspectives.

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