Choosing Wisely, the reasons for its success

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Marco Bobbio *
Sandra Vernero
(*) Corresponding Author:
Marco Bobbio |


The philosophy and the history of the International Choosing Wisely movement, launched in the U.S. in 2012, are described. It grew and spread beyond what it was anticipated at the beginning because there is a rising concern of the medical community regarding the appropriate use of procedures and treatments placed into the market before an adequate evaluation of risks and benefits. Not only healthcare providers, but also patients, citizens and politicians, are becoming aware of the consequences of inappropriate decisions and behaviors since inappropriateness has economic (waste of resources), clinical (risks), but also ethical implications. In Italy the movement was launched and still is coordinated by the Slow Medicine organization, that created the campaign Doing more does not mean doing better – Choosing Wisely Italy, which aimed to improve clinical appropriateness through the reduction of unnecessary tests and treatments and the dialogue between physicians and patients. Currently, 44 societies of physicians, nurses, pharmacists and physiotherapists identified 230 recommendations about tests, treatments and procedures commonly used in Italy’s clinical practice that do not provide any benefit to most patients but may cause harm.

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