Scope and new horizons for implementation of m-Health/e-Health services in pulmonology in 2019

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Vitaliy Mishlanov *
Alexander Chuchalin
Valeriy Chereshnev
Vitalii Poberezhets
Michele Vitacca
Vera Nevzorova
Zaurbek Aisanov
Alexander Vizel
Igor Shubin
Aleksey Nikitin
Rustem Zulkarneev
Yaroslava Khovaeva
(*) Corresponding Author:
Vitaliy Mishlanov |


The reason for this review based on the results of many meta- analyses is the great assessed difference in the methods of most studies in e-Health, telemedicine and tele-rehabilitation. It consists of different understanding of new terms, using different hard- and software, including criteria, different methodology of patient’s treatment and its evaluation. This status suggests that first of all m-Health/e-Health requires a unique ontology of terms using and methodology of studies comparing. In this review we try to describe shortly the most significant points of modern e-Health field of medicine. The basic parts include methodology of review formation, tele-communication implementation results, tele-education, interactive questioning, tele-consultation, telemedicine diagnosis, tele-monitoring, rehabilitation and tele-rehabilitation, gamification, acceptability of mobile electronic devices and software in e-Health and planning studies. At the end of the review the new ontological structure of digital medicine is presented.

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