A rare case of takotsubo syndrome within the first day after heart transplantation

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Mohammed Al Humaid *
Mawada Ahmed
Domenico Galzerano
Mosaad Al Hussein
Mohammed Al Admawi
Jehad Al Buraiki
Hani Alsergani
Olga Vriz
(*) Corresponding Author:
Mohammed Al Humaid | alhumid1428@hotmail.com


A 39-year-old woman underwent heart transplantation (HTx) for advanced heart failure. The donor was a 36-year-old young woman without past medical history. The first day after HTx, T-waves changes were noted. Echocardiography revealed akinesia/dyskinesia of all basal segments of the two ventricles. Coronary catheterization plus biopsy were done 7 days later showing no coronary obstruction, no rejection and complete recovery of wall motion abnormalities on echocardiogram, suggesting biventricular inverted takotsubo syndrome (TTS). This is a case of TTS during the first day after HTx, with completely denervated heart but because of the inotropic drug support it still represents a target for catecholamine-induced cardiac dysfunction.

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