Is tobacco Quitline cost effective in India?


Quitlines are effective, evidence-based tobacco cessation interventions that help tobacco users quit through a variety of services. The present study was done to evaluate the cost effectiveness of the National Tobacco Quitline Service (NTQLS). We calculated twoyear program use and costs for establishment, salary of the staff, media promotions, intervention services, Quitline registration calls and the number of quitters since inception of NTQLS in the year 2016, we examined whether NTQLS is cost-effective or not. Out of 63,350 callers, 9420 (97.9% males) callers with the mean ±SD age at 37.5±12.6 years; were registered for tobacco cessation counselling services at the National Tobacco Quitline Services (NTQLS) between 30th May 2016 and 31st May 2018. 3012 (32%) quitted their tobacco use till the last proactive calls. Average cost per completed counselling was 22.37 US$. Our study concludes that Tobacco Quitline as a tobacco control intervention is an excellent investment and cost-effective measure in India. Average cost per quitter at 69.96 US$ is comparatively very low to other country’s Quitline, representing the ideal utilization of funds.



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Cessation, cost-effectiveness, tobacco control, quitters, quit rate, Quitline
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