Comparative studies of dual bronchodilation in COPD


Dual bronchodilation therapy is becoming the cornerstone for the treatment of COPD because the clinical benefits of LABA/LAMA fixed-dose combinations (FDCs) are now extensively established. Therefore, it not surprising that a number of LAMA/LABA combinations in a single inhaler have now been approved for clinical use as treatments for patients with COPD. Regrettably, very few head-to-head studies between all of the available LABA/LAMA FDCs have been carried out. This makes choosing the most appropriate FDC difficult. Comparative effectiveness research that also uses conventional meta-analyses to compare different care strategies can help generate useful information. A bidimensional comparative analysis across LAMA/LABA FDCs has suggested constant superiority for tiotropium/olodaterol. However, considering that there is not an equivalent amount of evidence on efficacy outcomes for all LAMA/LABA FDCs, a proper comparison between the different LAMA/LABA FDCs cannot be made yet, and the information available is still rather inconsistent.



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