The role of Dietitian in cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention


  • Susanna Agostini | ASS2 Isontina, Servizio di Dietetica, Ospedale di Gorizia, Gorizia, Italy.
  • Barbara Biffi Fondazione Don Carlo Gnocchi IRCCS, Servizio di Dietologia e Nutrizione Clinica, Firenze, Italy.
  • Silvia Brazzo Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri IRCCS, Ambulatorio di Dietetica e Nutrizione Clinica, Pavia, Italy.
  • Letizia da Vico Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Careggi, Servizio Tecnico Sanitario, Firenze, Italy.
  • Maria Luisa Masini Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Careggi, Servizio Tecnico Sanitario, Firenze, Italy.


Rehabilitation and secondary prevention programs are recognized as an essential part of the overall care of patients with cardiovascular disease. They consist of multidisciplinary strategies aiming at the reduction of modifiable risk factors for cardiovascular disease. There are some evidence of the efficacy of nutritional care in modifying eating habits and behavior in patients undergoing cardiac rehabilitation. In 2007, the Italian Association of Dietitians (ANDID) appointed a working group of dietitians, skilled in nutrition applied in cardiovascular disease, with the aim to make an overview of the available scientific literature and to develop a Professional Position Paper on the role of Dietitian in cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention. The first Position Paper, developed in 2008, covered the available evidence about the dietitian professional role and contribution in the management of the topic. The working group has recently updated the contents by introducing, in agreement with the work done by ANDID, the methodology of the Nutrition Care Process and Model (NCP), a systematic problem-solving method intended to stimulate critical thinking, decision-making and address issues related to food and nutritional assistance, in order to provide a safe, effective and high quality care.



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Position Paper
cardiac rehabilitation, multidisciplinary strategies, role of Dietitian, Nutrition Care Process and Model (NCP)
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Agostini, Susanna, Barbara Biffi, Silvia Brazzo, Letizia da Vico, and Maria Luisa Masini. 2015. “The Role of Dietitian in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Secondary Prevention”. Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease 82 (1).

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