ISYDE-2008 Study presentation The Italian Survey on cardiac rehabilitation: a snapshot of current cardiac rehabilitation programmes and provides in Italy


  • Roberto Tramarin | Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit, Fondazione Europea per la Ricerca Biomedica, Cernusco S/N (MI), Italy.
  • Stefania De Feo U.O. Cardiology, Casa di Cura Polispecialistica “Dr. Pederzoli”, Peschiera del Garda (VR), Italy.
  • Marco Ambrosetti U.O. Cardiology and Angiology Rehabilitation, “Le Terrazze” Clinic, Cunardo (VA), Italy.
  • Raffaele Griffo Cardiology Department, La Colletta Hospital, Arenzano (GE), Italy.
  • Franco Maslowsky Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit, Fondazione Europea per la Ricerca Biomedica, Cernusco S/N (MI), Italy.
  • Paola Vaghi Gruppo Italiano di Cardiologia Riabilitativa e Preventiva, Genova, Italy.


The Italian Society of Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention (GICR) has developed the ISYDE-2008 survey with the purpose to take a detailed snapshot in terms of number, distribution, facilities, staffing levels, organization, and programme details of CR units in Italy and to compare actual provision with the recommendation of National GL for CR and secondary prevention.The study will be carried out with a web-based questionnaire running on the GICR website in 2 weeks from Jan. 28 to Feb. 10, 2008. The first part of the questionnaire is designed to collect information on the institutional organization of the CR unit, on its location and functional relationships within the hospital, on the number of beds for inpatient CR units and hours of activity for outpatient and home–based services, on the composition of the core and multidisciplinary teams, and finally on the components of CR programmes.In the second part of the survey, CR directors will be requested to report for each patient discharged during the 2 weeks of the study, indications for admission to CR, time of enrolment, comorbidity, complications, risk profile, diagnostic procedures, exercise and educational programme, discharge modalities, treatment at discharge and follow-up schedule.More than 2300 pts are expected to enter in the survey, whose results depicting the status of CR in Italy will be available within April 2008.



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Tramarin, Roberto, Stefania De Feo, Marco Ambrosetti, Raffaele Griffo, Franco Maslowsky, and Paola Vaghi. 2016. “ISYDE-2008 Study Presentation The Italian Survey on Cardiac Rehabilitation: A Snapshot of Current Cardiac Rehabilitation Programmes and Provides in Italy”. Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease 68 (4).

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