A rib abnormality mimicking pulmonary nodule: a pitfall in the plain chest x-ray

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Yeliz Akturk *
Serra Ozbal Günes
Baki Hekimoglu
(*) Corresponding Author:
Yeliz Akturk | yelizakturk@yahoo.com


The ribs show a wide range of normal and pathologic radiographic appearences as well as congenital variations. Intrathoracic ribs are isolated and rare anomalies. They are usually super-numerary, more often right-sided, and involve the middle part of the thorax. We describe a case with intrathorasic rib abnormality mimicking a peripheral metastatic lung nodule in the plain chest x-ray and emphasize the use of coronal and sagittal reformatted images in thorasic imaging.  Utilisation of multiplanar reformatted images in chest computerised tomography increase diagnostic quality.

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