Recurrence of right lower lobe pneumonia 3 years after the first episode in an otherwise healthy 13-year-old girl


  • Antonino Capizzi G. Gaslini Hospital, Department of Pediatrics, Italy.
  • Oliviero Sacco G. Gaslini Hospital, Department of Pediatrics, Italy.
  • Giovanni A. Rossi | G. Gaslini Hospital, Department of Pediatrics, Italy.
  • Michela Silvestri G. Gaslini Hospital, Department of Pediatrics, Italy.


Recurrent pneumonia is one of the most frequent reasons for referral to paediatric chest physicians. The diagnostic work-up is dependent on whether infection repeatedly occurs in the same lung lobe, or affects multiple lobes and/or different areas in different episodes. A 13-year-old girl was admitted with a second episode of right lower lobe pneumonia. The chest x-ray demonstrated an inhomogeneous opacity, without a clearly recognizable segmental distribution. A contrast-enhanced CT scan, was therefore performed that showed a polycyclic consolidation with blood supply from a systemic artery, originated from the thoracic aorta. A diagnosis of superinfection of an intralobar sequestration was made. The patient was treated with systemic antibiotics and, four weeks later, a segmental resection of the lesion was performed. The histological evaluation of the surgical specimen confirmed the diagnosis. 



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Pneumology - Case Reports
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Congenital malformation, pulmonary sequestration.
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Capizzi, Antonino, Oliviero Sacco, Giovanni A. Rossi, and Michela Silvestri. 2017. “Recurrence of Right Lower Lobe Pneumonia 3 Years After the First Episode in an Otherwise Healthy 13-Year-Old Girl”. Monaldi Archives for Chest Disease 87 (1).

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