Thymic pathology and cardiac myxomas: Coincidence or a closer relationship?

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Sotirios D. Moraitis
Apostolos C. Agrafiotis *
Dimitrios Pappas
Chrysovalantis Pothitakis
Maria Stergianni
Ioannis Koukis
(*) Corresponding Author:
Apostolos C. Agrafiotis |


Myxomas are the most common benign cardiac tumors and are located more frequently in the left atrium. In the literature there are cases describing the coexistence of thymic tumors and cardiac myxomas. In the case reported herein, during the resection of a cardiac myxoma, an enlarged thymus gland was encountered and resected. The histological exam revealed a thymic hyperplasia. The aim of this case study is to assess the need of conducting further studies in order to identify a common histological pathway between thymic lesions and cardiac myxomas. The diagnosis of a cardiac myxoma could justify a further workup of the anterior mediastinum in order not to overlook a lesion of thymic origin.

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