Pulmonary series

Published: 2009-12-30

Epidemiologic trends in lung cancer over two decades in Northern Greece: an analysis of bronchoscopic data

T. Kontakiotis, N. Manolakoglou, F. Zoglopitis, D. Iakovidis, L. Sacas, A. Papagiannis, A. Mandrali, D. Papakosta, P. Argyropoulou, D. Bouros

Standards of care and clinical predictors in patients hospitalised for a COPD exacerbation - The Italian SOS (Stratification Observational Study)

M. Lusuardi, F. Blasi, C. Terzano, C. Cricelli, N. Crispino, L. Comarella, F. De Benedetto, C.M. Sanguinetti, L. Allegra, C.F. Donner

Young man with asthma and infertility

F.J. Gonzalez Barcala, A. Pena, L. Herrero, A. Urtaza, M. García Domínguez, L. Valdes Cuadrado