Pulmonary series

Published: 2007-09-30

Out-patient high-dose-rate endobronchial brachytherapy for palliation of lung cancer: an observational study

A. Scarda, M. Confalonieri, C. Baghiris, S. Binato, R. Mazzarotto, A. Palamidese, R. Zuin, U. Fantoni

Home mechanical ventilation patients: a retrospective survey to identify level of burden in real life

M. Vitacca, J. Escarrabill, G. Galavotti, A. Vianello, E. Prats, R. Scala, A. Peratoner, E. Guffanti, L. Maggi, L. Barbano, B. Balbi

Clinical use of Heliox in Asthma and COPD

G. Valli, P. Paoletti, D. Savi, D. Martolini, P. Palange

Mycobacterium Bovis infection in children in the same family: transmission through inhalation

A.A. Velayati, P. Farnia, M.R. Boloorsaze, M.F. Sheikholslami, S. Khalilzadeh, S.S. Hakeeme, M.R. Masjedi